Meet your GroVia Content Creators

April 06, 2017 3 min read

We are super proud to formally introduce one of our newest projects: GroVia Content Creators!


Content Creators is a social media outreach initiative designed to complement GroVia’s curated social media content through user-generated content created by individuals who exemplify the diversity of the real families using GroVia products in their homes and on their babies. It was pitched to us by GroVia super fan Shakella Washington, and we are thrilled that she has agreed, along with another diehard fan, Meagan Kreitzer, to mentor this and future Content Creator teams in the role of ‘team leader.’

Our objective for this initiative is to leverage visual social media to showcase real GroVia Families using and enjoying GroVia products in their homes and throughout their everyday lives as well as to generate regular blog content featuring these parents, their families, and their unique perspectives. Basically, these are diehard GroVia-loving families who will be giving our fans a peek into their lives using their public social media platforms.

GroVia will intentionally seek to work with Content Creators who are parents of color, LGBT parents, neurodivergent parents, parents of neurodivergent children, parents of children with disabilities, parents who have disabilities themselves, parents of children with profound medical needs, parents who are Deaf, parents of children who are Deaf, single parents, single parents by choice, and grandparents who act as primary guardians or participate heavily in the day-to-day upbringing of a child diapered in GroVia in order to increase the visibility of families who are historically ignored or underrepresented in the natural parenting industry space.

Content Creators will work with us on a quarterly basis, and the opportunity to apply for a spot will be advertised. Applications for the next quarter (which begins in July) will open in mid-May. 


Ruby Shelton
Ruby has been known as the one to open up the dance floor at parties and, although she now has a husband and two kiddos, that hasn't changed. She is always ready to help and volunteers with local babywearing and cloth diaper groups. You can often find her with her toes in the sand at the beach, playing at the park, wandering around Target, or in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. 

Kayla Schadegg
Kayla's many titles include (but definitely aren't limited to): wife, mama, wrangler of the two family dogs, assistant manager of a children's fitness center, and Down syndrome advocate. She has a passion for big words and is a published author & poet. Some random joys in her life are: comfortable socks, cloth diapers fresh out of the wash, and summertime weather.
Lacy Siomos
Lacey is a wife and mother of 2, an ethical vegan, aquafaba enthusiast, and lover of beer. She is a licensed massage therapist and enjoys collecting memes, diapers, and rocks. In her free time she can usually be found cooking in the kitchen or pulling weeds in her garden.
Shakella Washington
Content Creators Team Leader
Shakella is a wife to a wonderful deputy and mother to a blended family of five children (both biological and adopted). She likes cloth diapers, Chick-Fil-A, long walks at Target, Coke (in a can), and cake. She's kind of a big deal.
Megan Kreitzer
Content Creators Team Leader
Meagan is a stay-at-home mama to six year old Miloh and nearly one year old Ezra. She has a passion for natural and intuitive parenting styles and enjoys unleashing mediocre creativity into the world in the forms of writing, sewing, and sometimes by wielding a hot glue gun. She measures her days by cloth diaper launches and survives mainly on coffee, carbs, and her uncanny ability to turn anything into a joke.

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