GroVia Hybrid Diaper Shell - Arctic

Pair our stylish Basil hybrid cloth diaper shell with any combination of snap-in Soaker Pads, economical prefold cloth diapers, or our eco-friendly disposable BioSoakers to create a simple-yet-flexible modern green diapering system that anybody can change and everybody will love!

Choose from the one-step Hook/Loop closure style—the most like a disposable diaper to remove or put on—and the Snap closure, which can be simpler to launder and, later, more toddler-proof.

Fits 8 to 30 lbs.

  • Less waste in our landfills
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year
  • Healthier for baby, less diaper rash
  • No Dioxins
  • They’re cute

Washing GroVia® Shells

  • Prep wash one time before first use.
  • Place soiled shells in a dry diaper pail -no soaking necessary.
  • Wash every 2 days on warm with detergent.
  • Hang dry shells (high heat causes excess wear).
  • Tumble dry soaker pads and boosters.
  • Do NOT use bleach or fabric softeners.
Use & Materials


    • Adjust rise snaps and snap in soaker.
    • Change outer shell twice a day and inner as needed.


    • Inner Body: 100% Polyester Mesh
    • Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU
    • Fairly and conscientiously made in China
    Closure Type

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Angela D.
    Favorite diaper brand

    Quality diaper cover. Easy to use with prefolds too. I like the snap closure better, I can get a better fit. I have both Velcro and snap either way I love them both. Will be building my stash with all GroVia.

    New to Cloth Diapers

    I am new to cloth diapers and I am so pleased with the quality of Grovia. I compared Grovia products with many other cloth diapers and in my personal opinion they are the best! My husband and I really prioritize organic materials in anything that touches our baby so this was by far the most ideal choice. I appreciate that there are so many options but the Hybrid with organic soaker pads is our go to for convenience in getting a few uses out of each shell before needing to switch to a new shell. Overall I'm impressed with Grovia and will be a returning customer!

    Kayley S.
    Great Quality!

    While I have not tried these on our son yet (he's due in a few months), these diapers are very high quality in material and make. We ordered several different brands of diapers, shells, soaker pads, types of diapers, inserts--the works. We wanted to try a little bit of everything since we are new to cloth diapering. We ordered the GroVia Hybrid shell and soaker pads because they immediately caught my husband's attention for their convenience and user-friendliness and they caught my eye for less laundering and organic materials (soaker pads). After receiving all of the different brands we ordered, we prepped each product according to the manufacturer instructions and compared the quality. GroVia was by far the best quality of everything we ordered. The shells are phenomenal. The stitching is strong. The materials are soft and sturdy--the high quality fabric on the outside and inside of the hybrid shells are really what set these diapers a part from the other brands. The snaps on the diapers and soaker pads are very high quality and look like they will last much longer than generic white snaps. Even after washing and drying the soaker pads five times to prep them, they still looked brand new. The waterproof backing on the soaker pads washed well and no signs of wear came after prepping. A lot of people have mentioned the soaker pads take a long time to dry. Compared to microfiber/bamboo inserts, yes, the pads take a while to dry; however, compared to my other multi-layer natural fiber inserts, they take the same amount of time (~6 hours in the sun hang drying or 2 hours in the dryer on tumble dry low) so the drying time was not an issue for me at all. The diapers and inserts still look incredible after prepping where other brands are already showing signs of wear (and a baby hasn't even used them yet!) I also really liked the sizing of the diapers. The newborn setting on the hybrid shell is much smaller than the newborn setting on the other brands we bought. The hook and loop velcro is not abrasive and will not scratch baby's skin like traditional velcro. I am very pleased with our purchase from GroVia. We were wary because of the price but you definitely get what you pay for and the small elevation in price resulted in a much higher quality product than the other brands we purchased. If they work well for baby once he is born, we are considering cloth diapering with GroVia exclusively because of how much we like the products so far.