GroVia Earth Day Eco Challenge


Congratulations to our first-place GroVia Eco Challenge Winners, Team Green Beans!

You've Won: Hie Changing Pod, 4 One Size AIO Diapers, 2 Zippered Wetbags, 1 Magic Stick

Racking up 63 points, these five participants consistently created BEAUTIFUL content showcasing creative and impactful ways of reducing their families’ ecological footprints.

We couldn’t have asked for a better group of participants during this first year of the GroVia Eco Challenge. Thank you ALL for sticking it out through the unforeseen challenges and changes. We are grateful and honored and also SO VERY PUMPED for our five winners!!!

Daily Challenges Score Card

Participate in your community’s recycling program.


Recycle your trash!

Day 1 - April 15


Make green food choices!

Day 2 - April 16

Get Outside

Connect with the Earth.

Day 3 - April 17

Beautify or Wildcard

De-litter a public space.

Day 4 - April 18

Change Something

Make a change for the greener.

Day 5 - April 19


Teach your kids to love the Earth.

Day 6 - April 20


Repurpose instead of tossing!

Day 7 - April 21

Photo Collage

Collage your Eco Challenge!

Day 8 - April 22

Eco-Challenge Instagram Feed