You’ve probably already figured out that there is something different about GroVia compared to other cloth diaper brands, but if you want further proof, read on!

Global Organic Textile Standard (“GOTS”)

Unfortunately in today’s consumer products world, the word “organic” is frequently used loosely to describe products that, well, aren’t. The price tag on organic items is higher than on other choices, so we believe if you are going to pay the price, you should be able to rest assured that you are truly getting organic. That’s why certification from an outside agency is so important.

For GroVia, we knew we should go to significant effort to produce several of our core products as certified organic, with a minimal environmental impact, and with fair trade practices for our workers. So we elected to pursue IMO certification, which means that we undergo annual audits by The Institute of Marketecology (IMO) to ensure that our organic products live up to our ideals. A fantastic side benefit of this audit process is that it ensures all of our core products are produced under fair trade practices… even if some do not contain organic materials. We chose to partner with IMO because they have one of the longest track records (over 20 years) of providing certification of organic production. In fact, they are considered to be one of the leading organizations in the world for earth-friendly and fair-trade certification. (Read more about certification in our article: The Importance of Organic Certification.)

Design Awards

We don’t need to toot our own horn. Others have done it for us! Below is a summary of the various design and innovation awards that GroVia has won over the years. We must be doing something right!