GroVia Gives

Diaper Lending Program

GroVia Gives is a US-based cloth diaper lending program intended to help families with temporary or long term financial struggles diaper their babies. GroVia believes that no baby should go without clean, safety-compliant diapers, and no family should have to choose between paying for food and utilities and diapering their baby. Cloth diapers can eliminate diaper need for families who have ready access to washing facilities.

GroVia Gives does not accept diaper donations at this time. All products used through this lending program are designed and manufactured by GroVia to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet all safety standards.

How Do I Participate & What's Involved?

To participate, qualified applicants will pay a minimal lending fee of $40 (includes shipping to you) and will receive a GroVia Gives Diaper Set that will fit babies 10-35 lbs.

Each GroVia Gives Diaper Set includes:

  • 16 GroVia Gives Bamboo/Cotton Trifolds
  • 4 GroVia Gives One Size Covers

These sets are part of a lending program so recipients may receive sets that have been gently used and returned from a former family who is no longer in need. One diaper set per baby in family.

Note: Applicants are not purchasing these diapers; they are BORROWING them. The sustainability of this program also relies heavily on participants returning their diapers once they are no longer in need.

GroVia Gives Application

We believe that people, especially those who are raising tiny humans, are inherently good and honest. This program was crafted so that participants may provide minimal documentation proving their need. The sustainability of GroVia Gives will be 100% dependent on people NOT ABUSING our generosity.

What You Need To Qualify

GroVia Gives is a program and we only have a limited number of Diaper Sets to start. As a result, we will only be approving applications that are US-based and include the following proof documentation. Note: Applicants must pay a $40 lending fee (includes shipping) in order to receive their Diaper Set.

  • Proof of Need: WIC card or check with applicants’ name on it, Food Stamp Card
  • Proof of Child or Pregnancy: Birth Certificate, Insurance Card (please block out the numbers), Official hospital or State record or Letter from Health Care Provider. Please provide only one for each child.
  • To be eligible your child must be age 3 or under.

At this time we are not accepting applications for foster children. This may change as the program grows.

To Apply For GroVia Gives

  1. Fill out the application linked here and below providing all documentation and hit submit.
  2. We will review your application. Please allow up to 2 full weeks for a response.
  3. Once approved, you will receive an email with a link to purchase your Diaper Set for $40 (those not approved will also receive notification).
  4. We’ll ship out your GroVia Gives Diaper Set. Once it arrives, please make sure to read the insert included in the package to learn more about how to use and care for your diapers.
  5. Once finished using your Diaper Set, you’ll return them to allow another family in need to take advantage of the program. Upon receipt of your diapers, you’ll receive a $20 credit that can be used on

If you are unable to scan your documents, you may upload a photograph of the documents as long as it is legible.

Using & Caring For Your Diapers

Congratulations on receiving your new GroVia Gives Diaper Set!Getting started with cloth is very simple, but there are a few things you need to know before diving in.

Prep your diapers before first use.

If your Trifolds are brand new, they will need to be prepped before you use them. Prepping removes the natural oils found in our minimally-processed organic cotton and hemp materials so that your diapers will become more absorbent.

  • To prep your Trifolds, wash on hot with detergent 5-6 times before first use, drying at least partially between each wash.
  • Trifolds that have been previously used will not need to be prepped, as they have already had enough washes to reach full absorbency.
  • If your GroVia Gives package includes used Trifolds, they will arrive to you clean and ready to be used.
  • Covers do not need to be prepped.

How do I use the diapers?

  • Adjust rise snaps on cover to your baby’s body and ensure a snug fit.
  • Fold Trifolds as desired before placing in cover. (See soaker and diaper fold options.)
  • Fasten the assembled cover to baby and replace when soiled.

How do I wash the diapers?

  • Shake solids into the toilet and flush.
  • Wash your diapers with the full recommended amount of detergent every two days with warm water and an extra rinse.
  • Avoid detergents with lots of plant oils, fabric softeners, whiteners or bleach.
  • Expose your diapers to the proper concentration of detergent for 30-45 minutes for an HE washer, or the longest cycles for a non-HE.
  • Avoid additives like baking soda, vinegar, boosters, essential oils, etc.
  • We recommend line-drying your shells, tumble dry Trifolds on low.
  • Store soiled diapers in diaper pail.

Returning Your GroVia Gives Diapers

Returning your GroVia Gives diapers is an essential part of the program as it allows GroVia to help more families in need. The sustainability of this relies heavily on participants returning their diapers once they are no longer in need. Thank you in advance for doing your part to keep this program going!

How do I return my diaper set?

Once you are no longer in need of your GroVia Diaper Set, it must be returned. Follow these return instructions:

  1. Wash your gently used diapers with ¼ cup bleach with detergent on hot with an extra rinse to get your diapers squeaky clean.
  2. Neatly pack all of your Covers and Trifolds in a secure box or container.
  3. Click here to complete the return process.
  4. Select "GroVia Gives Return" in the Reasons For Return drop down.
  5. Upon receipt of your clean, gently used diaper set, we will issue a $20 online credit to you to be redeemed at

Please DO NOT send back dirty, smelly, destroyed diapers. If you wouldn't use them on your own child, we certainly can't expect other families to want to use them on their precious babies! Diapers returned to us in poor condition will not be eligible to receive the refund credit.