GroVia My Choice Trainer - Petal

Give your toddler the control they crave!

Your toddler has reached the age where choice and options are essential. They're ready to do it all on their own, and these one-of-a-kind cloth training pants let them mix and match colorful panels and create their own stylish look.

Patent No.: US 8,734,419 B2

The GroVia® My Choice™ cloth diaper Trainer features a unique pull up design with interchangeable Side-Flex™ panels, a hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend with a pocket for adding extra absorbency and our exclusive GroCool™ lining.  Your child will love potty training with cloth training pants. 


  • 1 Trainer Body
  • 2 Side-Flex Panels Regular (1T-3T)

Diaper Preparation
(This is an important step... don't skip it!!)
Wash hot with detergent and tumble dry, repeating this process 5–6 times before first use (they will continue to gain absorbency with more washing)


  • Remove as much solid matter as possible.
  • Place soiled diaper in a dry diaper pail. No soaking necessary.
  • Wash every 2 days on warm or hot with full amount of detergent using a heavy duty cycle.
  • Tumble dry low.
  • Do NOT use bleach, fabric softeners, or water repellent diaper creams.
Use & Materials


  • Inner: 100% Polyester
  • Absorbent Layer: 55%Hemp/ 45%Cotton
  • Interchangeable Side-Flex™ panels for a custom fit in a variety of stylish colors for mixing and matching
  • Waterproof ultra durable TPU outer
  • GroCool™ inner layer lets your child feel when they’re wet

Made fairly & conscientiously in China. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Molly P.
Good alternative

This is a good alternative to disposable pull up. Unfortunately it was the only option I found. I wished they cost less so I could get more. They are high quality and have a decent weight. However they are too small and my daughter can't pull them up. She is 2 and thin for her age I expected then to fit her well. I struggle to get them up too. I want to get the bigger side panel but they are out of stock.

Crystal S.
Quality material/not good on size

quality material.
way too tight for a toddler.
daughter was an 18mo-24 mo ht and skinny waist at time of purchase
the waist bands were just way too tight with almost no give. impossible for child to fet on and off alone.
once she was a solid 24mo 2t.
these are uncomfort for her and so tight they left welt indents.

i truly feel that these new patterns are not as elastic/stretchy in the hip panels as the old ones. i used trainers in 2017/2018 to potty train my son then 2-3 years and the sizing was perfect. unsure what changed but very disappointed to make a nice purchase on something new and not be able to use them.

Need to buy expanders

These are really tight on out kiddo who wears 2T clothing (for context). Should come with wider side panels, he cannot get them up and down by himself, as they are designed to do, and they leave his skin red from how tight they are. But they’re well made and less bulky than traditional diapers.