No-Prep Soaker Pad

Looking for a no-hassle, long-lasting absorbency option? We've got you covered with our GroVia No-Prep Soaker Pad. Forget prepping with multiple washes before use - this convenient Soaker Pad is ready to go after just one wash!

Made with four layers of thirsty microfiber terry topped with microfleece and ultra-soft leg gussets. Pairs perfectly with the Grovia Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell. 2 per pack.


Preparing No-Prep Soaker Pads

  • Wash once and use.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash on warm or regular hot on a heavy duty cycle with full recommended amount of detergent and tumble dry.
  • Bleach or oxygen bleach when necessary.
  • No fabric softeners or water repellant diaper creams.

Because microfiber terry is such an absorbent fabric it is important to make sure your No Prep Soaker Pads are getting clean by using enough detergent and a full wash cycle. If you start to experience an "unclean" smell from your No Prep Soaker Pads you may add 1/8c of chlorine or oxygen bleach to your wash cycle every 4-6 weeks. Make sure to do an extra rinse after bleaching.

Use & Materials


  • Snap into your favorite GroVia® Shell.
  • Change No-Prep Soaker Pad as needed and Shell when soiled.


  • Inner Body: 100% Microfiber Terry topped with 100% Polyester Microfleece
  • Leg Gussets: 100% Polyester
  • Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU

Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

Customer Reviews

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Dane O.
Great diaper liner

Initially left a poor review because we were getting leaks. Grovia responded with some advice, and it turned out we just need to adjust the fit. No leaks now!

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback!!

The most important thing is that 'testing' a diaper with a fleece top by pouring water on it is NOT a good test. It will indeed bead up, because fleece is hydrophobic (hence the stay dry action). It is the force of urine from baby that pushes wetness to the absorbent layers under the microfleece.

That being said, it sounds like you are getting some leaks and we can definitely help with that. Try these few tips and you will be back on track in no time:

There are four likely reasons a cloth diaper may leak:

1) More absorbency needed: If baby is saturating the diaper, you need to either add more absorbency or change more often. Our Organic Cotton Booster and Stay Dry Booster are good options for adding more absorbency for daytime. GroVia Prefolds, tri-folded and laid on top of or in between the two layers of the soaker pad works best for naps and night time for heavy wetters.
2) Check your routines for build up: Check your detergent to make sure it does not contain any plant oils. Also ensure that any diaper balms you are using do not contain any petroleum products. If you have either of these issues, contact our customer service team for specific help to solve them!
3) Get a snug fit: Make sure the rise setting is set for your baby’s body type and size. A good fit test is once the diaper is on your baby, you should be able to slide just one finger between the baby’s leg and the elastic. Any more room than that may cause leakage. If you have the rise snapped down, make sure that the fold of fabric created on the inside of the diaper is pointing up towards baby’s belly button -- it will help create a smoother and closer fit overall and reduce gaps.

Quick and absorbent

These are great for night time, fast to attach to the diaper, and very absorbent. They wash and dry fast as well.

Jillian S.
So soft and so absorbent!

These are the best! Seconds are still great quality, and this style dries quickly
After washing and absorbs the best of any insert! my favorite by far!