The Perfect Diaper Pail For Cloth Diapers

The innovative diaper pail that can hang anywhere! Turn any clothes hanger into a hanging pail for dirty laundry or diapers.

Holds 3 days worth of diapers • Washable

Patent Pending.

Unique pop-up design provides a sleek look that integrates perfectly into any nursery.

  • Self-closing top allows diaper to be dropped in, but keeps smells at bay
  • Zippered "bathtub" bottom
  • 100% Water-resistant TPU
  • Machine washable
  • Pleated body for maximum volume
  • Dimensions: Approximately 26 x 18 inches

Care Instructions:

Wash warm, hang or dry low.


Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Bree P.
Great design, but problematic zipper

I so want to give this product 5 stars, but I had the zipper fail on my first Perfect Pail after about 4 months of use. Thankfully it was still covered under GroVia's awesome warranty so they sent a new one to me, no questions asked. Fingers crossed this one lasts longer. Otherwise we love it. No funky smells and easy to clean. Just toss it in with the diapers. But maybe have a back up option for handling dirty diapers, if the zipper fails it's pretty useless.

Haleigh M.

Sooooo AMAZING!!! This is sooo much better than the regular diaper pails that I used for my three previous babes!
I absolutely recommend!

Clare L.
Super functional!

I use this in the laundry room. It keeps everything contained until it’s time to wash, and no smell! I love how I can just unzip the bottom and dump everything in the washing machine.